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The application of the arm for infusion and venipuncture is unique, not only in terms of possibilities, but also in terms of design. The application is applied directly to one’s own arm. The application gives a realistic feeling for both the patient and the caregiver.

The application has a closed system. Infusion plasters can be applied to the application with the adhesive fluid supplied. The supplied blood is unique because the color corresponds to real blood and flows like real blood. For more information about the blood that is used, see ….. In addition, the application can be fully adapted to your wishes in terms of coloring.

The use of the application is completely hygienic. It can be easily cleaned after use with the included 96% alcohol.

The application is perfect for (re)training for a number of skills.

The following skills can be performed:

  • Insert and remove peripheral venous IV
  • Take care of a peripheral venous IV
  • Administer medication through a lateral line peripheral venous IV
  • Inject heparin or physiological saline into a peripheral venous IV
  • Placing an Insuflon
  • Venipuncture for blood withdraw

The complete set consists of the following parts:

  • The application IV and venipuncture
  • Storage box
  • 500 ml of venous blood
  • IV-stand
  • 2 veins
  • Bonding fluid
  • 96% alcohol

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