Diabetic foot

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A lot of people with diabetes have issues with their feet. This symptom is called: diabetic foot. It is important that feet are taken good care of and are observed daily to prevent further implications. When a patient is dealing with diabetes, wounds are healing slower. This makes the treatment extra difficult.

The application diabetic foot has several characteristic wounds. The unique part about the foot is that it can be worn so it creates a lifelike situation.

  • Swimmer eczema / fungal infection between the fourth and fifth toe
  • Status after amputation of the second toe
  • Deep small wound between the third and fourth toe that can be probed
  • Hammer toe
  • Pressure ulcer with a lot of callus on the ankle, making the actual ulcer look smaller than it is (pressure ulcer with lots of callus formation)
  • Ulcus bottom of the foot to be probed to the bone
  • Hallux valgus
  • Necrotic toe
  • Heel gaps with break-through
  • Ulcus cruris venosum with signs of chronic venous insufficiency


  • The ‘diabetic foot’ is easy in use
  • The skin color of the ‘diabetic foot’ can be adjusted to your wishes
  • The ‘diabetic foot’ can be worn in sizes up until size EU42, US 9 for men and US 11 for women]
  • The ‘diabetic foot’ is easily cleaned
  • The ‘diabetic foot’ is delivered with understocks and in a suitcase.
  • The ‘diabetic foot’ can be used in training for several disciplines like; wound nurses, wound consultants, decubitus nurses, nursing specialists, physician-assistants in training for vascular surgeon, doctor-assistants in training for dermatologist, podotherapists, pedicures.
  • The ‘diabetic foot’ can be used as instruction material.

The ‘diabetic foot’ is developed in collaboration with the diabetic foot clinic of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

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