Stoma applications

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The number of people who receive a stoma increases each year. It is estimated that approximately 7,000 new stoma carriers are added yearly, both permanently and temporarily, in The Netherlands. Present day, an average of 38,000 people in The Netherlands have a colo, ileo or uro-stoma. Ostomy is a broad concept. It is not only about the initial care beforehand, but also about the daily care of the stoma.

Realistic and practical training is crucial for acquiring the skills for good stoma care. The stoma applications are easily attached to the body with the use of skin glue.

The set of stoma care applications consists of the following parts:

  • 5 stoma applications
    • Normal stoma
    • Double-barreled stoma
    • Recessed stoma
    • Mushroom stoma
    • Stoma with Erytheem
  • A case for the stoma applications
  • Pros-Aide skin glue
  • Skin glue remover
  • Cotton swabs
  • Drying machine for the skin glue

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