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A Bridle is used to prevent displacement or removal of the nasogastric tube so you don’t need to replace more than necessary. A Bridle it is intended to secure a nasogastric tube without the use of band-aid. The Bridle is a system in which a loop is placed behind the nasal septum. This loop is made of smooth silicone material and does not cause irritation.

The use of the application is completely hygienic. The application can be cleaned with 96 % alcohol after use.

The application is available in two versions, the Bridle single and the Bridle complete. Both versions can be delivered in any preferred color.


  • The nose is a realistic size
  • The application is very handy
  • The skin color can be adjusted to your wishes
  • The application is easy to clean
  • The application comes is delivered with a stand alone trainer

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