Portable suture removal application

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On the 12 x 12 appliqué, the placement of the sutures and the removal of the sutures can be practiced and tested. The application can be attached to the body by means of Velcro

Sutures are removed with a sterile knife (stitchcutter) or with sterile scissors. When using unsterile scissors, it must be disinfected with a gauze with 70% alcohol (let it dry before use).

When using a stitchcutter, cut off the wound. The wound edges are often slightly raised and can be hit when cutting in the direction of the incision.

With a continuous subcutaneous suture, cut the thread short, but not too close to the skin. If the thread is cut too short, it may be that the thread cannot be removed properly or that it pops back under the skin.

The application comes with the following components:

  • 1 needle holder – 16 cm
  • 1 anatomical forceps – 14.5 cm
  • 1 straight scissors – 14 cm
  • 36 pieces Ethilon 3-0 (75 cm)
  • 100 Stitch cutters – 6.5 cm

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