B-Overall for practising nursing skills while you can experience it yourself instead of using dolls and phantoms.

B-Overall is proud to have developed an experience overall for nursing skills in 2017. Instead of practising and tests on dolls and devices, you wear the overall and practise on each other. The overall incorporates several applications to perform a plethora of nursing skills.

Teaching and learning using the B-overall create a unique setting that largely simulates realistic scenarios. By practicing with colleagues, wearing

the overall, you can also experience what is it like to be a patient. You can train professional behavioral and attitude aspects from both the perspective of the care provider as well as the patient. With the products of B-overall, you have the opportunity to reduce the gap between practice and theory. We are convinced that, with the products of B-overall, (future) employees can prepare better for the care of the patient.

What makes B-overall so unique?

  • Simulates realistic patient situations
  • Narrows the gap between theory and practice
  • Makes caregivers more aware of their own actions
  • Lets caregivers experience client situations
  • Explains nursing skills to patients and/or informal caregivers

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